About us:

                             LONGEVITY OF COMPANY

Tom DeMaranville owner of DeMaranville Construction has been in the construction industry since 1976 and working as a licensed B-1 General Contractor over twenty years since 1988.


     In 2007, After almost 30 years  of on site construction experience andten years of contracting as a general contractor, Tom got a phone call referring to a 5 day workshop that was introduced as “building weatherization” that wasbeing trained by Rick Chitwood that was held at the local Contractors association.  Rick at the time was going about Northern California introducing Science to the construction industry and the benefits of the synchronicity of applying Whole House as a Systemapproach to any one who would listen.  I had no idea what I was getting into. First it was difficult to get over thinking that any one could teach me more than I already knew about buildings than I already knew. But after the five day class I was at a complete loss of understanding homes, how they work and how I now needed to move forward in my business and hat I offer to my clients since I prided myself as being cutting edge of the industry.

    At the end of the class I showed Rick Chitwood a set of plans on a home that was breaking ground the following week and asked him to give me some pointers of how I could get this home to perform since it was a complicated design and difficult to apply techniques that were broadly discussed in the five days of his workshop.

    Rick then introduced me to Dan Peronko and Gavin Healy of Balance Point construction and simply said “talk to them”. Beginning a truly amazingly great relationship of two companieswithhigh integrity and inspired mutual goals utilizing and sharing a wealth of depth of knowledge that continues today.

     At that time the whole idea of applied building science, house as a system, building performance techniques were still being developed in California and was even new for the Dan and Gavin who are now recognized as beingNational experts in the industry particularly in our west coast climate .

      Together we then took the science of buildings as a system to application and reality for The Dave and Kim Dibari residence in Nevada City. Today Dave and Kim boast of how much more comfortable their Nevada City home is all year round compared to the second home they have in the temperate mild climate of San Jose.

    From taking that first week long workshop Tom has in his free will taken hundres of hours of classes evolved around building science training. He trained northern California contractors for the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as a trainer in 2008 - 20010, certifying many contractors as BPI professionals.




    In 1979 Tom had his first real experience of building a home for his father at the age of 19 where he built his father’s home with his step mother Laurie who was an expert mathematician and Tom utilized the standard construction techniques at the time taken from a ROP class in high school. Between the math skills and basic construction skills Tom and Laurie built that first home using the resources from the 7 acres of land his Father purchased.   Selecting and harvesting tree logs to the mill, felling trees, skinning the bark from the logs, Craft fitting and applying them as headers and exposed crafted structural beams. Tom learned skills of harvesting  resources sustainably from the land.  A practice which was more at the time out of necessity rather than a desire to create sustainable building practices that now has evolved to become a much more desired building practice today that is not often utilized.



Over the years Tom’s building practices have been that of observation. “What works what doesn’t”.  Which building techniques and products last longer than others”. Sustainability was created in DeMaranville Construction more out of practicality of what made sense. It just didn’t make sense to keep applying building practices to buildings that failed  in ten to twenty years, because it was faster to build.  In reality much of the time it usually only takes a simple step to create longevity in the overall durability of the home. Other techniques such as drainage plains on siding assemblies have been become a standard, yet many qualified contractors are yet to add the extra step.




   It is the goal of DeMaranville Construction to apply the 35 -40 years of observation and combine the newer lessons of building science techniques that have been provensuccessful in many climates, to try and set a goal of 100 years of use.  Although this is a clam that can not be substantiated nor does DeMaranville Construction know what that really means. Because products are rapidly changing and all the new products have yet to be tested for that type of duration. Yet with all the variables I believe it is safe to say that some assembly techniques create an environment that is greater, or tips the scale to lean toward that 100 year longevity goal.

    The goal is set to create assemblies and crewing to think sustainably and lower our impact of resource use on earth. Its really that simple. There isn’t any one way to do it and there isn’t a silver bullet technique or product no matter who is trying to sell you what. It is based on integrity and a true desire to live sustainably on the earth.


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